My favorite shampoo and conditioner

Talk about a great shampoo and conditioner, don't mind if I do! for those of you that don't know I've welcomed a beautiful baby girl a year ago and my hair has grown and thicken tremendously. I typically try and wash my hair at least once a week using oh-so-clean-moisturizing-softening-shampoo. With the amount of products I use there can be some build up and cause flaking and weight to my hair. After a good scrubbing with this shampoo it gives it a really good clean the first time so I don't always have to do a wash rinse repeat but everyone's routine tends to be different. After the wash I follow up with the quench-moisture-intensive-leave-in-conditioner. I can tell you that this is MY favorite it leaves my feeling so silky and manageable and definitely makes my gurls pop. It also can be reactivated after a couple of hours for me because my hair sucks up any and every product lol. I will give this shampoo and conditioner combo a 10/10 especially for the natural hair gurls like myself !

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